Titel:Lidt info. om Domino/Notes og Java 8 (pt. ikke i Designer)
Forfatter:Finn L Knudsen - ALCES IT Consulting

Java 8 er med i IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8

 Men åbenbart er det kun delvis supporteret


Fra: (fed markering af mig)

  This is a partial list. There is ABSOLUTELY a java 8 update for the client. In order to compile with 1.8 we need to upgrade more components and that work is not ready yet. FP8: Is an interim step to ship/support 1/8 runtime. This allows customers to take code built for Java 1.8 (using another development tool outside of Designer) and then run that on the Notes client / Domino server. But if you are writing it in Designer, we will still compile with 1.6. It is our intent to release the compile functionality in Feature Pack 9. In FP 9 we will upgrade OSGi/Eclipse/SWT on the designer client to support Java 8 compile time.

The work was big enough to break up into two Feature Packs.

We will cover all of this an more at Connect 2017.

Barry Rosen, 

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